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  • Seaghan Coleman

Getting at what's real

Yesterday, I was running a training for a local agency. It was part of a training in Acceptance and Training Therapy (ACT). ACT is amazing because it is a wonderful form of psychotherapy, it is so much more than that. It is about exploring what works and what doesn't work in the process of living life.

To me, there are not those of us who struggle with life and others who do not. Who has never struggled with anything? Been stressed. Felt sad. Lost someone important to them (through death or a breakup- or a friend moving away). Not to say that some of us- like me- haven't had more serious difficulties, like trauma, substance abuse, or depression. But all of us face difficulties in life. We are all fellow travellers on the same path.

ACT isn't interested in labels or diagnoses. It is about exploring basic truths about living- and doing so in a way that makes life more satisfying.

In this way, it is as much about pursuing the meaning of life or spirituality, as it is anything else. This is the kind of work I love most. Finding ways to free ourselves so that we can explore our own nature and what makes us satisfied and truly awake.

May we all be happy and free.

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