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The Center for Healing Intelligence (CHI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated providing the highest quality psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy available in Western New York.

The Center aims to facilitate healing and personal growth through the integration of psychedelic substances in therapeutic settings, with a focus on accessibility and affordability for underserved populations.


The functions of the Center shall include but not be limited to:

  • providing office space for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

  • engaging in community-wide education about psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

  • offering funding to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapists to provide access to services for low-income clients, first responders, and disenfranchised individuals.

  • facilitating and support research on psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

  • promote and/or provide training to mental health professionals in the use of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) is based on the premise that every person contains within themselves a vast and deep level of intelligence and wisdom. Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is not about a therapist or a doctor "fixing" clients, but rather about the therapist or doctor guiding the client, through the experience of the medicine, to discover their own wisdom and healing. This commitment to honoring every individuals innate capacity for self healing is honored in the name of our group.

Presently, most or all offerings in psychedelic work at this time are focused on a medical model of diagnosis and treatment. Few if any organizations are focused on true psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, meaning leading clients through a holistic process  of cocreating agreements, intentions, and an environment to prepare for working with the medicines, then sitting with the client throughout their medicine experience to witness and support their journey, and engage in integration work to help them understand and implement life changes based on the experience of the journey.


At the Center for Healing Intelligence, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy serves as a pioneering modality aimed at addressing mental health concerns with a multifaceted approach. The purpose of this therapy is to harness the therapeutic potential of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, in conjunction with psychotherapeutic techniques to facilitate profound introspection and healing. Unlike traditional psychiatric treatments, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity for individuals to explore their subconscious minds in a safe and supportive environment. By temporarily altering perception and inducing a heightened state of consciousness, ketamine enables patients to delve deep into their psyche, allowing for the resolution of past traumas, the exploration of complex emotions, and the cultivation of greater self-awareness.

Functionally, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at the Center for Healing Intelligence operates within a structured framework designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes. Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their suitability for this modality, considering factors such as medical history, psychiatric diagnoses, and treatment goals. During sessions, experienced therapists guide individuals through the ketamine experience, offering emotional support and facilitating introspective exploration. Integrative psychotherapeutic techniques, such as mindfulness-based interventions and cognitive-behavioral strategies, are seamlessly woven into the ketamine experience to enhance its therapeutic efficacy. Through this integrated approach, patients are empowered to confront and process challenging emotions, transcend limiting beliefs, and cultivate resilience in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, the overarching goal of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at the Center for Healing Intelligence is to promote holistic healing and transformation. Beyond symptom management, this innovative modality seeks to address the root causes of mental health issues, fostering profound shifts in perception, cognition, and behavior. By providing individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate life's challenges with greater clarity and resilience, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy holds the potential to catalyze enduring positive change and promote overall well-being. As a cornerstone of the Center's commitment to healing intelligence, this integrative approach embodies a vision of mental health care that is compassionate, holistic, and transformative.

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