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Jenna Witkowski, LCSW-R


Jenna is a licensed clinical social worker who has completed EMDR basic training, IFS Level 1 training, and is certified in Psychedelic Integration Therapy through Fluence. She is also trained in MDMA Therapy through MAPS. Her practice is centered around holistic and transtheoretical approaches to wellness which are influenced by an individual's unique goals for therapy.  She enjoys incorporating mindfulness practices into sessions. She seeks to work with those who would like to resolve trauma, better understand challenging life experiences, and/or integrate psychedelic experiences. Additionally, Jenna is trained as an End-of-Life Doula.

Insurances accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of WNY, Independent Health, Univera, and Private Pay (please contact to discuss rates).

Office Hours: Monday 11AM-4 PM, Tuesday 12 PM-6 PM, Wednesday 11AM -4:30 PM, Thursday 10 AM-3:30 PM, Friday 10AM-2 PM


Contact Information:


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